Our philosophy and our all-enclosing engineering
Aerospace industry, energy components, dental and medical technology: this is high-tech for the world of today – and tomorrow. These are core areas which are essential to humanity now and in the future. These are the fields in which our cutting-edge knowledge makes it possible to find a virtually ideal solution. IRUBA was born of the idea of rethinking existing processes for producing individual high-tech products and using highly innovative technology to make them even more precise and productive. At the same time, factors such as the energy efficiency and environmental friendliness of the entire process are a guiding principle for us. Recognising and implementing global trends with state-of-the-art materials and production methods is our daily business.
Within a very short space of time, we take an idea and turn it into a production process individually tailored to the customer’s demands. For turbines both large and small, our collective focus is on innovative, precise high-tech: the power of German innovative engineering.
From the production of fir-tree grooves in turbine discs to the production of complete turbine blades, including platform machining via milling – IRUBA INNOVATIONS offers you a broad spectrum of services extending far beyond  mere production and all conceivable requirements – no matter how specific – with cutting-edge technologies thought through to the last detail.

  • Everything that keeps you going – large or small.

From gigantic turbine blades for energy generation to large turbine blades for aircraft engines, we are active and innovative when it comes to size. The smallest components for medical and dental technology for highly sensitive high-tech devices – IRUBA also shines on the small end of the scale. So the size of your project doesn’t matter – we’ll create the ideal production process for you.

  • Our maxim number 1

Our maxim: absolute independence. Developed with the greatest possible thoroughness, our production processes require flawless execution. And that’s why we work on each project with those partners who provide the ideal solution for the specific case at hand. This is our decisive advantage: not just a tailor-made process, but a process that works perfectly.

  • Our maxim number 2

When it comes to the complex tasks of modern engineering, the following holds true: prolongation = a poor solution. This equation has a simple background. As the customer, you want a solution that’s precisely tailored to your product and production process.  For this, you’ll need partners who put your wishes into practice directly – without having to go through lots of other stages which would mean that your original vision will not be given sufficient consideration. In plain text: We – and not some middlemen – are the ones who work for you on site. Many promise to be “closer to the customer” – but this is what we at IRUBA do 100% of the time, since this is the only option for us.

  • Process reliability

Innovation is nothing without reliability. Top-quality production can only be achieved with maximum process reliability. That’s why we aren’t afraid to bid farewell to standardised tool solutions if they can’t guarantee 100% process reliability. Individual tool solutions precisely tailored to the production process at hand bring you the decisive step ahead – thanks to IRUBA know-how.
The worldwide hunger for energy continues to grow steadily – and the requirements for clean and sustainable energy generation right along with it grow. These challenges can hardly be overcome without using the latest materials and innovative production processes when manufacturing components for energy generation.
All the innovation IRUBA can muster goes into our latest project. Efficient energy generation is the order of the day, and it requires gas turbines manufactured using state-of-the-art, highly flexible and extremely precise production technology. And this is just where IRUBA starts: at the core idea of the whole topic.
Our high-tech milling technology with fir-tree grooves, aerosol/CO2 ATS cooling and effective pull-out safety device for the mills ensures productivity, precision and maximum reliability. And this is where we’re a step ahead, since this milling technology normally constitutes a virtual Mission Impossible especially with large components such as the turbine wheels of a gas turbine.
Even today, such processes generally still make use of production methods which came from the earliest days of industrialisation. This makes it quite obvious that such production methods are rather counterproductive in the latest energy system technology because they are not capable of processing highly modern materials on par with the strictest requirements.

  • Other work areas of IRUBA

Of course, we are also able to offer tailor-made solutions in the usual high IRUBA engineering quality in fields such as medical and dental technology and aerospace technology. The big difference with us is that we don’t attempt to adapt a general process – instead, we individually develop a process which exclusively addresses your demands. With our on-site consulting and extensive capabilities for conducting comprehensive material and process test series together with our partners, we develop a suitable procedure in the shortest time possible. In doing so, we can count on the expertise of our partners – who include leading machine manufacturers and renowned technical universities – as well as on our own knowledge.