IRUBA INNOVATIONS’ skills comprise a wide range of services extending far beyond production alone and consistently covering all requirements with state-of-the-art technologies. From tool solution development to cutting edge machine concepts, we work with the best in the industry. A concept could include an economic analysis of the entire workflow and monitoring of the process to the automatic measuring of the grooves.
We consistently make use of all resources in order to meet the high standards of our international clientele. Continuous improvements paired with the most efficient machining technologies make IRUBA INNOVATIONS the ideal partner for:

  • Production and process analysis
  • Customer-optimised CAM solutions
  • Tool holder optimisation
  • Special “customer cutter” VHM tools
  • VHM tools for ATS + Co2 lubrication / cooling
  • Process-reliable tool configuration for serial production
  • Productive concepts for Inconel & titanium components

We practice concurrent engineering with the following partners:

This enables very short development periods and finely coordinated high-tech solutions. At the same time, this platform offers machine manufacturers an excellent opportunity to set themselves apart with extraordinary innovation. Contact us!